A review from Today's Railways 78 (June 2002) issue

"LA TROCHITA" by Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli

"This book takes the reader on one of the world's greatest railway journeys, on the Old Patagonian Express (a.k.a. La Trochita) across Argentina. Superbly illustrated throughout, the book captures the atmosphere of the region and its spectacular scenery very well, and tells the story of the rise, fall, and revival of this famous train on the world's longest steam narrow gauge line.
"This train, and the Argentinian railway network as a whole, has a remarkable history with both broad and narrow gauge lines. Like many other rail networks all over the world it suffered decline from the 1970s onwards because of increasing competition from road traffic, with Argentina's national government finally closing the route of La Trochita in 1993. Luckily the provincial governments decided to keep the train going, albeit only on a small section of its original route to date.
"There are also chapters describing the locomotives and rolling stock, and some of the attractions to be visited on the route including a projected railway theme park and two museums. By present day European standards it seems incredible that trains for journeys of such long distances are still formed of coaches with only a wood-burning stove, and with wooden seats in second class!"