A review from Steam Railway 271 (May 24, 2002) issue

"LA TROCHITA" by Sergio Sepiurka and Jorge Miglioli

"The Patagonian Express 'La Trochita' is the subject of this book, which is printed in both English and Spanish to serve a greater readership.
"The book focuses on the journey from Ingeniero Jacobacci to Esquel, Argentina a distance of around 250 miles. The line is 750mm-gauge and its original character has changed little over the years.
"The route curves through the Andean foothills and the trains are hauled by 1922-built Henschel locomotives.
"The book is very well presented in hardback on high-quality paper, and extensive use is made of photographs.
"These do not just concentrate on the locomotives and railway, but also some of stunning surrounding scenery and also people who work and travel on the train. Virtually all the photographs are in colour.
"Maps of the area are neatly detailed. The text is very romantic but also well-written and gives a good feel for the atmosphere of the line."