Book review from the Continental Railway Journal Nº 131, Autumn 2002:

"La Trochita" is the local name for the Esquel branch in Patagonia, and the appearance of a publication such as this is a welcome sign that at last the future of the branch may be secure. The book is a lavish production, and one aimed squarely at the tourist as well as the trainfan. A number of the photographs are non-train, although related to either the area or the local people, but for the enthusiast the benefit is that several of the train pictures are extremely good, and production quality throughout is very high. The text is bilingual Spanish and English and briefly covers the history of the area and of the line, plus various travellers' tales and accounts of days past. Locos and rolling stock are described in a chapter provided by Keith Taylorson. The final part of the book is taken up with the proposals for the development of the branch related to the establishment of the Patagonian Museum at Leleque, which is funded by the Benetton Group.