Jorge Alberto Miglioli was born in Buenos Aires in 1948. He is a St. Andrew's Scots School former pupil, and graduated as an agronomist at the Buenos Aires National University.

Photography is a passion that has always stayed with him, whether living a country or an urban life. He has exhibited and published his work many times and has collaborated with other two regional photographers in the book "Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina," contributing his images obtained during five years as a major sheep-farm manager in Lago Argentino.

Since 1999 he has come back to Esquel, the same place where he got his first job as an agronomist in 1971. In this beautiful place he is now working in his profession, as well as in tourism-related activities and his time-enduring love, photography.





Sergio Daniel Sepiurka was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He studied at the Buenos Aires National School and afterwards graduated as an Industrial Engineer at the Buenos Aires National University. He has completed postgraduate studies in Chile and France.

Since 1986 he lives in Esquel, Chubut province, Argentine Patagonia. He has held public office both at municipal and provincial level, and published Sueños de Cordillera -Cordillera Dreams- (Editorial Esquel S.A, 1997).

Presently, he is preparing a new edition of this book and continuing his studies on Patagonian history. He also works for private companies and other institutions as an advisor on regional development projects.